A short but sweet animated celebration of our imagination as children and the wonderful box that helped us express it. :) 

Loula spinning (Let’s Go Pocoyo!)

Loula trot cycle (Let’s Go Pocoyo - Let’s Give Loula a Bath)

Half the cycle in the frame by frame images because of upload limit. The total cycle is 20 frames, poses are just mirrored to the opposite legs in the second half. Full cycle in the GIF.

Frame by frame of Pocoyo “teleporting” as an extension of the Pocoyo jump post. GIF below :)

Had to group frames together since the cycle is 11 frames long, hope the differences can still be seen.

Pocoyo Jumping (from “Giving Loula a Bath”)

Run cycle from Loula in the Let’s Go Pocoyo! episode “Giving Loula a Bath”. I’ll be posting more of this show, especially Loula, since the animation is great and I am currently animating a dog myself. :)